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The quality of workforce to hire depends on an effective selection and recruitment strategy. This process is not always easy.

Strategic Staff Augmentation

Since the world spins faster, companies might encounter a new obstacle on their hiring path when staffing permanent employees for the existing and future requirements of the company. For years, the world market for skilled talent has been tightening. This often leads to long months of recruitment processes for a position such as interviewing, testing etc, which puts you back to the very beginning.

Strategic Staff Augmentation (SSA) provides analysis, assistance, and administration of resource support to client organizations. Leveraging proprietary models and techniques, SSA services pinpoint organizational needs with direct alignment to business productivity, operations, and goals. SSA engages organizations at every phase of the manpower assessment lifecycle, through program or project efforts, to provide tailored workforce talent recruiting, acquisition, enablement, and retention.

Beautiful Brains can design and build a solution for you, or manage your existing solution. The process includes:
  • Strategic Resourcing ⎯ Full spectrum service itemizing personnel needs, summarizing business use cases, establishing quality of hire and performance metrics/score-carding, and executing resourcing plans.
  • Management Recruiting  ⎯  Comprehensive needs assessment to hire to position performance review for critical executive leadership and management level business operations requirements.
  • Workforce Support ⎯ Augmentation of core organizational workforce with flex workforce resource assets in support of competencies, capabilities, and skills required for immediate ramp and scale.
  • Talent Management ⎯  Full lifecycle HRaaS engagement support, modular or programmatic, from resource identification, recruiting, hiring, onboarding, developing, and retaining.

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