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Healthcare Technology Service Management

Beautiful Brains understands healthcare provider objectives from executive, organizational and technological perspectives, and we work directly with healthcare leaders to transform their organizations with effective IT solutions. Our services encompass the full continuum of care. When working with you, we marry the goals of the organization with the needs of the clinicians and users and never lose sight of what’s most important – the patient.

Healthcare Technology Service Management (HTSM) addresses the specific needs that enterprise medical organizations have in scaling, selecting, and governing their technology and systems inventories through growth strategies. HTSM provides service, support, and facilitation activities to growing healthcare organizations that need to connect multiple purpose, location, and market facilities with strategic Information Technology Service Management (ITSM) objectives to align their risk management systems, governance processes, technology structures, and business operations.

Enterprise Technology Management (ETM) provides service, support, and facilitation activities to clients with strategic Information Technology Service Management (ITSM) objectives for the purpose of assessing different technology strategies and align their governance processes, systems structures, and business operations toward strategic organizational goals.

Beautiful Brains can design and build a solution for you, or manage your existing solution. The process includes:
  • Strategic Design ⎯ Validate Medical/Healthcare Information Technology (IT) requirements and formulate systems assurance, quality control, and implementation roadmaps, plans, and timelines.
  • Architecture Planning ⎯ Conduct governance, risk, and compliance assessments and manage programs to ensure legal, regulatory, and financial requirements are addressed diligently with associated risks mitigated
  • Operational Assessment ⎯ Assess the operating quality, maturity, and capacity of technologies to address unique care requirements for privacy, healthcare service, and medical business cyber risk.
  • Implementation Management ⎯ Advising and supporting the rollout, management, and testing of enterprise-wide healthcare organization cyber technologies (IoT, security, work management, and records processing)

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