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Provide opportunities for your people to come together, exchange perspectives and create an environment that everyone can flourish and succeed in.

Diversity Program Consulting

Our diversity and inclusion consulting, coaching, training, and assessments help clients of all sizes and across all industries develop more effective leaders and managers, create stronger, more inclusive teams, reduce employee turnover, improve innovation and achieve better results. Our passion is helping organizations become more inclusive for everyone.

Diversity Program Consulting (DPC) provides service, support, and facilitation activities to clients with strategic business requirements for developing, enhancing, or evaluating strategic diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives. The DPC service optimizes organizational competencies and capabilities while maximizing engagement of critical stakeholders toward the achievement of diversity strategy objectives for the organization within its operational environment.

Beautiful Brains can design and build a solution for you, or manage your existing solution. The process includes:
  • Strategic Design ⎯ Planning of strategic business requirements to develop and govern diversity projects, programs, and initiatives to frame and achieve operational goals.
  • Program Management Planning ⎯ Strategic execution, and advisory for administering, guiding, and forward-governing the operations and scaling of diversity projects and programs
  • Quality Management ⎯Assess the operating efficiency, maturity, and competency/capacity of diversity, equity, and inclusion projects and programs with respect to business imperatives/goals
  • Risk Governance ⎯Leading, advising, and supporting the enterprise review, reporting, and compliance of diversity programs in alignment with strategic risk protocols and models

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