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As cybersecurity issues pose a growing threat to business operations and reputation, implementing a sound cybersecurity strategy has become critical to survival.

Cyber Risk Advisory

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As a business grows, information sharing grows along with it – with vendors, contractors, partners, and customers. And every one of these digital relationships presents a new set of cyber vulnerabilities. The need for security and the way in which it is implemented must be balanced thoughtfully, against the needs of an organization to operate effectively, and to actively pursue its future goals. While it is impossible to eliminate all risk of a cyber breach or attack, a well-designed program will actively mitigate those risks and minimize the negative impact on both short- and long-term business goals.

Cyber Risk Advisory (CRA) provides service, support, and facilitation activities to clients with strategic information security and data protection business requirements. CRA provides professional, consulting, and managed services for developing, enhancing, or evaluating strategic data privacy, security, and management risk with respect to internal and external risks, common and unique threats, and recognized or emerging exploits/techniques. The CRA aligns risk assessments, priorities, and profiles with strategic, operational, and tactical objectives to ensure maximum protection to the business, its resources, and digital footprint.

Beautiful Brains can design and build a solution for you, or manage your existing solution. The process includes:
  • Managed Security ⎯ 24/7/365 monitoring of sensitive data exfiltration or loss, internal risk and event reporting, sensitive incident response, communications planning, and technology systems health management.
  • Strategic Planning  ⎯  Strategic execution, and advisory for start to finish to administration of governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) business requirements, objectives, and operations 
  • Enterprise Diligence  ⎯ Assess the efficiency, maturity, competency, and diligence of partner, alliance, or acquisition target organizations for strategic, operational, and third-party risk mapping and tracking
  • Knowledge Building  ⎯  Leading, building, and supporting enterprise enablement, education, and engagement strategies to mitigate and govern employee data malpractice and mismanagement risk.

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