Junior Front End Developer


This position requires project-level collaboration with a diversified group of planning and technical staff. Work is performed in accordance with general agency policies and professional standards with results subject to review by the Website Architect, with additional input from the IT Director, Database Administrator, Graphic Designers, GIS Analysts, and stakeholders.


  • Develop, test, and deploy data-driven web applications.
  • Implement interactive applications using a data API/JSON and Photoshop comps as a starting point.
  • Develop various webpages, email campaigns, and committee agendas.
  • Debug web applications in all major browsers.
  • Ensure good user interface design and compliance with accessibility guidelines across all products.
  • Design and develop using Google Sites and our content management system.
  • Identify, troubleshoot, and document user-reported issues.
  • Perform related work as required.


  • Experience needed with: HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, jQuery, JSON, UI/UX concepts and front-end frameworks (e.g. Bootstrap, Ember, Angular, React, and Knockout).
  • Ability to produce code that is compliant in all major browsers and meets coding standards.
  • Ability to translate staff needs into creative web based solutions.
  • Ability to present solutions effectively in oral, written, and graphic form with attention to detail.
  • Ability to meet deadlines, and work independently and within a team of diverse skills.
  • Ability to receive and provide constructive feedback.
  • Knowledge of responsive/adaptive design and federal accessibility guidelines (WCAG 2.0).
  • Knowledge of MVC separation of concerns, object-oriented programming concepts and encapsulation/modular design.
  • Pluses are familiarity with: Data visualization concepts and tools (e.g D3, Highcharts); Online mapping tools (e.g. Google Maps Javascript API, Leaflet, and ESRI); Version control systems (e.g. Git, SVN, Github for project management); automated testing (e.g. Continuous Integration); and CLI build tools (e.g. Node, SCSS/LESS, Grunt/Gulp/Webpack, and Babel).
  • Interest in next-gen technology such as ES2015, ES.Next, transpilation and templating, and in contributing to OSS projects.